After Surgery

Cats will be returned for recovery to you in their traps. Keep them in a warm, safe place, such as a basement, garage, or bathroom, and away from stressful noise or people.

They can be fed through the top of the trap, again with wet food. In most cases, the cats can be released out of the traps 24 -36 hours after surgery. The clinic will inform you if there are additional needs. If a cat is vomiting, bleeding, having difficulty breathing, or not waking up, get veterinary assistance immediately.

Mother cats who are nursing should be returned as soon as they are completely conscious so they can get back to their kittens. Make sure all cats are fully awake and clear-eyed before returning them to the areas where they were trapped.

All cats will have their left ear “tipped” during surgery, and females will also receive a green tattoo along their spay incision line. Since this is done under anesthesia it does not hurt them. Ear tipping is a very important part of the Trap-Neuter-Return process and is a universal sign that this cat is fixed and vaccinated.

In communities that have animal control contracts that pick up ferals, these beautiful cats are killed because they are not adoptable and take up space. An identifying ear-tip will save their lives.

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