How to Catch Trap-Shy Cats

Cats can quickly become shy about entering traps or learn how to get to the food without triggering the door. When this happens, there are a few tips and tricks that can get around these trap-savvy felines.

Feed the cats in the traps during their regular feedings, with the door tied open.
Your trap-shy cat will see the others eating inside the traps and likely do the same. Do this for about a week before trapping, then withhold food for 24 hours.

Up the ante with your bait.
Make your trap irresistible with especially pungent cat treats, such as sardines, tuna fish, fried chicken, anchovies, or even catnip.

Use a larger trap.
A larger trap may make the cat feel less confined, and therefore more likely to walk into it.

Tie a string to manually trigger the trap.
Prop open the door with a stick with a string tied to it, cartoon style, and spring the trap yourself once the cat is inside.

Hide or cover the trap.
Try moving the trap to a more secluded area, like under a bush, yet still within eyesight of your post. You  may even try putting a cover over the trap, making sure the door will still close.

Use a drop trap.
More information on drop traps here.

Take a break.
Unless she is in immediate need of medical care, break from your trapping attempts for a week or two to give the cat a chance to go back to her routine, then try again.

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