How to Get Traps

Havahart Trap

To obtain cat traps for feral cat trapping, contact No Nonsense Neutering. We can help to connect you with local shelters and rescues that participate in Trap Neuter Return to rent or borrow theirs for free.

Tomahawk Trap

If you plan to trap more than one colony, or start a TNR group in your community, you might choose to buy your own traps. They are usually available for prices between $40 – $75 and can be purchased at locally or online. Places like The Home Depot® and Ace Hardware® carry the Havahart® trap, similar to the one pictured top left. Be sure the trap is sized for “cat” or “raccoon”. You can also buy it online directly through the Havahart® website.

TruCatch Trap

Two other companies that sell traps online are Tru-Catch Traps, which you’ll find a sample of pictured bottom left, and the Tomahawk Live Trap Co, which resembles the trap shown on the right.

For the do-it-yourself types, there are a number of websites that offer instructions for building your own trap, such as PetRescue.Com, which offers a printable PDF complete with pictures and description. You can also go to Drop Trap Design Bank for a list of sources for building your own feral cat drop trap, which can be helpful for catching trap-shy cats.

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