Targeted Trapping

Targeted trapping is when TNR is performed on an entire colony at once before going to the next neighboring colonies in the area surrounding it. Once that colony is completely done, any new cats coming into the group are immediately neutered or spayed. The goal of this method is to completely prevent new litters and put a stop of the nuisance behavior of unneutered males.

It is never a bad idea to preform TNR on the local feral cat in your area, but in order to truly see the benefits of your efforts, you should identify and trap all members of it’s colony. Only then will you really begin to see the positive results of the TNR program, and find your work becoming more effective and therefore more satisfying. Not to mention the immense improvement in quality of life to all the cats in the colony, not just one or two.

Tips for Successful Targeted Trapping:

Gather Information
Talk with neighbors. Keep an ear out for sightings of cats and patterns. You may even discreetly give notice that you are gathering information.

Find the Cats’ “Hot Spots”
After speaking with various folks and collecting information on cat sightings, you will be able to pinpoint where they like to hide.

Create a Trapping Plan
Work with those who might be feeding the cats to get an idea for when to trap and use this opportunity to explain what TNR is and that the cats will be safely returned.

Take Notes
Make a list containing detailed information about what cats were trapped and neutered and keep this information handy to track your progress with yourself and those in your community.

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