LVI Airport Colony Relocated

No Nonsense Neutering relocates Lehigh Valley International Airport feral colony.

After being notified about the young colony of cats living near the edge of the airport, Martha Kahan contacted airport management who agreed to meet to formulate a plan. The airport is required to remove known animals for the safety of the flying public. We all agreed that Trap-Neuter-Relocate was the best option and the airport agreed to remove the existing habitat once all known cats were gone.

Local residents had already removed the youngest litter of kittens, so the remaining eight cats needed to be fixed, vaccinated, and relocated. Traps were in place last week and the first group was trapped Saturday evening (10:30pm), while the remaining cats were trapped and fixed Wednesday, November 3rd. All have been taken to their new home in a toasty straw barn in Bath, PA. They are currently being housed in large dog crates with litter boxes and food/water bowls while they adjust to the sounds and smells of their new home. Many thanks to all of the people who have been dedicated to making sure that these youngsters (four females and four males) got this fresh start and to those who donated food and litter to their new caretaker.

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