Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate to end the killing by providing resources for feral cat control through the Trap-Neuter-Return program. TNR, in turn, improves the quality of life for cats while providing a method of control that over the long-term is a more effective population reduction approach than traditional (ie. trap and kill) methods.

In the past, all cats in a feral cat colony were typically trapped and removed (usually to be killed as they were not socialized to live with humans). Fertile cats from surrounding areas typically moved into the vacated area to take over shelter and food resources and begin breeding. With the newer approach using TNR, sterilized feral cats return to their site of capture but do not breed, and consequently keep fertile outsiders away. The population in a managed colony is reduced over time as kittens and socialized adult cats are removed to adoptive homes and other cats die due to natural causes. Any new cats that arrive in a managed colony are trapped, neutered, and returned before they breed.

Two Locations
1044 N Quebec St, Allentown PA 18109
1500 Frush Valley Rd, Reading PA 19605