End The Killing

Cat Deaths in Pounds and Shelters

Unfortunately, when any cat is “rescued” or taken to a shelter, its chances of having a future are slim. A socialized cat only has a 23% chance of being adopted into a home. There are just not enough homes for all of them. However, feral cats have an even worse shot at life.
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Anti-Cruelty Laws

Pennsylvania’s anti-cruelty statutes dictate that it is against the law to intentionally kill of cat, regardless of ownership. This includes housecats, abandoned cats, lost cats, and feral cats. In fact, it is a criminal offense in all 50 states.
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The Biggest Threat to Wildlife is Not Cats

The largest contributor of bird death is people. Society kills hundreds of millions of birds every year. Our sheer growth puts wildlife all around us at risk with loss of habitat, pollution, urban sprawl, and degradation of the environment. Cats barely put a dent in bird population compared to us humans.
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