Stray Cats Are Not Better Off Dead

Many folks with their hearts in the right place operate on the notion that stray cats must be “rescued” from their outdoor existence and placed in a home indoors with humans. It goes even further that some feel the cats left on their own outside will suffer and eventually end up dead. What’s worse is the few cases of sick or abused cats used to try to drive these notions home.

In reality, cats have always lived outdoors, and flourished. It wasn’t until human beings started farming that cats were drawn to the mice that infiltrated feed barns. They have been happily living alongside us ever since.

Evidence now shows that the incident of disease for outside cats is about the same, or even lower, than indoor cats. They also tend to have limited incidents of trauma and injury.

Thankfully, this mindset of killing a stray to save her from “misery” outdoors is waning. Currently, more than three-quarters of Americans believe it is better to let an outdoor cat live out its life.

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