The Biggest Threat to Wildlife is Not Cats

It’s us.

The largest contributor of bird death is people. Society kills hundreds of millions of birds every year. Our sheer growth puts wildlife all around us at risk with loss of habitat, pollution, urban sprawl, and degradation of the environment. Cats barely put a dent in bird population compared to us humans.

Every year, almost 100 million birds die in the United States simply from colliding with buildings and windows. Cars kill another 80 million, and pesticides kill 67 million more.

As old as the cat vs. bird argument may be, the concept of outdoor cats is even older. Cats have lived alongside human beings for 10,000 years. Feral cats are not a recent occurrence. In fact, though socialized cats can and do live inside homes with humans, feral cats wouldn’t belong on your couch anymore than a wild squirrel, or fox. They will be, and always have been, a part of our wildlife, from urban life to farms.

For those who mistakenly think killing cats will save declining bird populations, the federal laws protecting bird species indicate otherwise. Congress determined those laws were necessary because destructive human activities are the real threat to American wildlife.

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