Caring for Socialized Cats and Feral Kittens

That cat in your backyard may actually be a stray or abandoned cat who’s reverted back to her wild ways. Or she may be truly feral and was never socialized to be around humans. The problem is, you can’t really tell from looking at her. A feral cat may seem just as calm and relaxed as a pet cat until a human attemps to approach her, at which point she would act like any wild animal and run away in panic. However, previously socialized cats may also act the same way after being in the wild for a long time.

With a little coaxing, you can determine whether you have a feral cat or a stray cat. If it is revealed that you do have a human-friendly feline, you can often charm them into revealing their friendly personalities, allowing them to be adopted as a happy, loving housecat.

The following links will help you figure out if the cat in your care is truly feral, or a socialized stray, and if she is able to be socialized, what to do with her. You will also find information on when to begin socializing kittens of feral cats.

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