Keeping The Neighbors Happy

Though you may have spent much time dealing with and caring for the feral colony in your community, it is equally important to spend time speaking with the neighbors and opening a line of communication in case of problems. Feral cats and people can coexist peacefully, and you can be the one to facilitate this.

Be vigilant about trapping. Keep the feeding and shelter areas clean and discreet. Be friendly with those neighbors most concerned with the feral cats. Approach or create handouts for those likely to see the feral colony. Provide information on what you are doing, and how Trap-Neuter-Return improves the community and the lives of the cats.

Handout or post your contact information inviting anyone to ask questions. This will help put folks at ease and show that the cats are being managed by someone with the best interests of the neighborhood.

When addressing complaints, always remain calm and reasonable. Situations are easier to resolve when dealt with quickly and in a calm and helpful manner. See links below for more information.

Two Locations
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