Dealing with Poison Threats

The act of poisoning, shooting, or otherwise purposefully injuring or killing feral, stray, or pet cats is a crime in the state of Pennsylvania. Whether or not a cat has an owner does not come into play. For the safety of the cats, as well as our own, the intentional killing of a healthy animal for any purposes other than self-defense is considered criminal behavior and is punishable by law.

Pennsylvania Animal Anti-Cruelty Statutes

While dealing with feral cat colonies and the folks who live near them, you may encounter threats by uniformed people. When this happens, you must make it known that the cats are being managed and the area is being watched. Do what you can to educate this person on what you are providing for the cats and the community. Explaining TNR and acknowledging the need for feral population control and management may be all that is needed to keep the peace.

However, if you have not resolved the threats, or need to reinforce your position, create and post detailed information about Pennsylvania’s anti-cruelty laws and the punishment for such crimes. You can also contact your local county’s animal control office to explain your intent. This will also let others in the community know that a caretaker is managing the colony and that threats to harm the cats is a crime and will not be tolerated.

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